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    Decal not showning correctly on part surface

    Henk Bruijn De

      I have a problem with decals not showing correctly in parts and drawings.

      Decal problem.PNG

      To demonstrate the problem, I have made a very simple model of a tube and the default Solidworks decal logo on the outer surface of the tube.

      On the backside of the model, there is another small and distorted version of the logo.

      This effect also shows on drawings and pdf.

      I want to get rid of this distorted logo, because everyone wants to appear their logo correctly.

      I have tried several options with extra decals and appearances, but so far I found out that the only thing showing the decal correctly is putting the diplay in "Real view"" mode. Maybe for some people this is a good workaround, but personally I do not like the "shiny" look of "Real view" in Drawings and pdf documents.

      Any other suggestion/workaround is welcome.


      Tube with correct ( but shiny) decal from Drawing in Real view mode as shown in pdf document.

      Decal problem RealView.PNG

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          Henk Bruijn De

          Well, I struggled some more days.

          I found an acceptable workaround, which I want to share here.

          The idea is based on an earlier posting from John Stoltzfus in the thread Decal advice  (Yes, I searched the Forum)

          Decal as 2 Parts.PNG

          In my tube model, I created 2 extra half-circular solid bodies and applied the decal on both of them, and the distortions do not appear anymore.

          The decals appear also correctly in the drawing.

          If you want to appear the decal(s) in the BOM, than the best way is to create  completely separate Parts with the decal on it, and insert it as a Part in your Assembly.

          Another advantage: you can also apply dimensions to the decal in the Drawing.