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I am using a circular sketch pattern with the number of incidences tied to a global variable.  All looks good until I change the global variable.  I blows up.

Question asked by Bill Bigbee-Hansen on Feb 27, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2018 by Elmar Klammer

I am using a circular sketch pattern to model a polygon that can be changed by changing a global variable that is the number of sides.  I start with a horizontal line above the origin with two construction lines going from the origin and intersecting the horizontal end points.  I have a third vertical construction line that is coincident with the midpoint of the horizontal line.  The angle between the two construction lines thru the end points is defined by 360/nsides.  The height of the horizontal line above the origin is an arbitrary number, say 2 in.  I then use the circular sketch pattern tool and create say 6 sided polygon.  I then click on the pattern number and assign it to the global variable, say it is 6.  I can then extrude a solid of the sketch creating a 6 sided polygon say 2 in thick.  Now if I change the global variable to 5, the solid blows up.  My horizontal line is no longer horizontal even with the horizontal constraint.   If I just have the sketch I can see the shape change as expected.  Any thoughts.


I am using Solidworks 2017.