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Solidworks 2018 coordinate system mainia

Question asked by Mikael Martinsson on Feb 27, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2018 by Elmar Klammer

We are running SW2018 SP1.0 and have found a very serious bug in the system on multiple computers.


Base of our design is a customer part that is imported and saved as a Solidworks file.

This file is the first file in an assembly so the assembly and customer part share the same origin/coordinate system.


Then a new file is created inside the assembly and also based on same coordinate system.

In this file we create something with reference to the customer part. When design is done, all files are saved.


Now the magic happens.

When the assembly is opened again, the position of the customer part has changed realtive to the origin/coordinate systems.

And everything that has been created in reference to this file now gets f-cked up.


This has happened on several computers and different files, and it is a serious bug because there is no rescue of the work that you have done.

The only solution so far is to break all references on the part that you created before first save.

When reopening the assembly it will still be corrupted, but the part that you created is still in correct shape and place.


See an example below:

The customer file (imported body) is still in the correct position and now we are before save.

However, if you highlight the fold "body" you can see from the preview that it already decided to go crazy with its relation to the origin.

When the file is saved, closed and opened again the part will be in the new position (blue preview)


Any body else that has noted this?