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Stuck in rollback... (again)

Question asked by Thijs Haverkamp on Feb 27, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2020 by Alex Lachance

Dear All,


As many of you I have been a long-time SolidWorks user. I have always been very positive about the software, but bit-by-bit it seems it has lost it's shine. While I post this I do want an answer to my problem, but experience has tought me to not expect any answers or solutions from Solidworks, apart from putting in your ticket to hope there are enough (for Solidworks important) users that have the same problem and then they might promise you to fix it in the next SP. (Which they most likely won't)


First off, SolidWorks is possibly the most unstable CAD program I know of, being tossed out of your application without warning is not a rare occurance. Which obviously costs a lot of time and therefor money. Since this program costs a load of money I feel I've paid for my right to complain.


So, to the matter at hand. Being stuck in Rolled back state. I've lost at least 3 or four hours of work due to this error/bug just today. I've noticed this is a problem that occurs for many users and for many years. Which kinda proves my earlier point.


It seems SolidWorks is trying to innovate new features all the time, but take no time in actually making the allready existing features work properly.


Any suggestions/answers? (apart from considering a different CAD application for the future, which I am allready contemplating)


A disillusioned SolidWorks user.