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    Stuck in rollback... (again)

    Thijs Haverkamp

      Dear All,


      As many of you I have been a long-time SolidWorks user. I have always been very positive about the software, but bit-by-bit it seems it has lost it's shine. While I post this I do want an answer to my problem, but experience has tought me to not expect any answers or solutions from Solidworks, apart from putting in your ticket to hope there are enough (for Solidworks important) users that have the same problem and then they might promise you to fix it in the next SP. (Which they most likely won't)


      First off, SolidWorks is possibly the most unstable CAD program I know of, being tossed out of your application without warning is not a rare occurance. Which obviously costs a lot of time and therefor money. Since this program costs a load of money I feel I've paid for my right to complain.


      So, to the matter at hand. Being stuck in Rolled back state. I've lost at least 3 or four hours of work due to this error/bug just today. I've noticed this is a problem that occurs for many users and for many years. Which kinda proves my earlier point.


      It seems SolidWorks is trying to innovate new features all the time, but take no time in actually making the allready existing features work properly.


      Any suggestions/answers? (apart from considering a different CAD application for the future, which I am allready contemplating)


      A disillusioned SolidWorks user.

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          Wayne Schafer

          You said your a long time user of Solidworks.  How long is long?  It appears you have not been a long time user of this forum.  Solidworks has some issues for sure but a lot of user issues can be corrected with proper training.  How much time have you spent with the tutorials, other training sources such as Solidprofessor or training courses offered by your VAR?  Another thing that may help us to help you is if you could upload your file or some screen shots.  Just trying to help.

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              Thijs Haverkamp

              Hi Wayne,


              Thanks for your reply.


              Ive been using SolidWorks for over 10 years, but yes, I do not use the forum very much. I have in the past though, but through other accounts.


              Like this one; Rebuild problems with a large assembly with 70+ configurations.


              But like most Engineers, I don't spend too much time stalking VAR's or posting stuff online since deadlines are always luring around the corner.


              I think I'm a pretty advanced user and most of the time I work with large assemblies containing many configurations in order to spend less time generating seperate 2D documentation. I tend to run into the same problems though, being 5 years back or 5 minutes ago.


              Unknown errors, being stuck in roll-back and various rebuild-problems are just a few that spring to mind.


              In regard to sending screenshots, this is not that easy since it's all quite sensitive information. Also I think you know how these messages look, I bet you've seen a few yourself.


              In the past I did contact different resources to solve these issues, but nothing ever came of it. Apart form the '' we'll issue a ticket and they might pick it up'' reply.


              I've worked with different CAD systems in my career, and eventhough I think SolidWorks is by far the most user-friendly, it is also the most unstable and demanding on your rig (She's a beast, before you ask), as of late I'm seriously considering switching programs since I see a downward slope in regard to performance in SolidWorks.

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                  Wayne Schafer

                  I am sorry your having these time consuming issues.  Do you have a current yearly subscription with your local VAR.  If so have they not been able to provide any help?  My VAR is there for me when I run into issues. 

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                      Thijs Haverkamp

                      Hi Wayne,


                      Thanks. My VAR is allright, but like I said before, I kinda gave up on support from those parties. They are very knowledgable about SolidWorks in general, but when applied to a specific use and/or goal they seem in the dark. I've had experiences with a few different ones, and they are quite professional, but always unable to help me, so I sort it out myself in the end.


                      It's a shame really. Right now it feels like SolidWorks is just not able to handle complex models, even if you limit or even remove relational contexts.


                      Another peeve of mine is importing 3D models from Manufacturers, say Volkswagen. These models are just waaaay to heavy for SolidWorks to handle, while others programs like say ProEngineer (which is a piece of crap as far as I'm concerned) open those in the blink of an eye.


                      As of late I feel a little ripped of by SolidWorks, I pay gopod money for something, and just talking about today it COST me at least 3 hours of work, eventhough I save every second action I take.


                      Im just tired of it.

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                  Andy Sanders

                  This has happened to me 3x in the past week.  I feel your pain.


                  I think there is a workflow where I actually do roll back my part, or have a sketch active and go back and forth between several files.

                  Somewhere along the way I lose the ability to resolve the part fully again.  Like it gets stuck up in the tree and can't get down like a cat.  Need to call a firefighter to rescue!


                  You can't roll it forward, and almost all your menu items such as save are grayed-out.

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                    Andrew Snoeyink

                    I have been experiencing the same thing since I installed SP2.  Have you come up with anything on this yet?

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                      Spencer Seaner

                      I haven't had this happen this happen in over a year and it's happened twice today.  I installed 2018 sp3 last week.  Does anybody have a better option then closing solidworks from the task manager and loosing all your non saved work?

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                        Kevin Chandler



                        Does anyone have a screen shot of this ailment?

                        What was tried when this occurred? (Before nuking SW)





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                          Jeff Mowry

                          Sometimes I see something like this, too, but I think it could be a graphics glitch of some sort.  When I can't roll forward, I will sometimes roll a step backwards to clear the glitch.  Sometimes I can right-click the bar and say Roll to End, too, when it won't let me grab it and do it manually.

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                              Dennis Hay

                              Thanks Jeff,

                              Stumbled on this post while looking for a solution.

                              This helped me.

                              I was working on a small assembly approximately 15 parts, I knew i had edited 4 of them.

                              But the first part i opened I rolled back then forward and the assembly became accessible.

                              Not sure if opening any parts of the assembly would work or if i was just lucky to get the correct part first time.

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                              Dan Pihlaja

                              I have seen this a handful of times.   And generally closing and reopening Solidworks does the trick for me.

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                                Alex Lachance

                                I think I know what might be causing you trouble and if it is the case, it's a user-based ''bug''.


                                Let's say you have 4 documents opened. Assembly1, Part1, Part2, Part3.


                                Part1, Part2 and Part3 are in Assembly1.


                                You open Part1 to do some modifications, you do your tweaks on the part and go back to your assembly

                                The message pops-up(or doesn't, might be blocked by a window you asked to not be showed again) saying you cannot do anything right now because one of the component in the assembly is in rollback-state)


                                This is the message(in french) : One of your component in this assembly is in roll-back state. The assembly is unaccessible at the moment.

                                I'm unable to get the message I'm looking for but there is generally a message when you close a part that asks if you would like to roll the bar back down. That might be checked to not show again.


                                You've exited the part without telling it to roll back the bar, as unintentional as it might be, which is what caused your problem. Find the part you were editing, exit the sketch or function and you should be good to go!



                                I hope this helps and solves your problems.

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                                    David Demaria

                                    If only it was all that easy Alex. I'm currently having this issue between 40-50 times per day and its costing me countless hours of downtime each month (yes its being going on for months). Although the generally accepted "workaround" is to return to the most recently edited part , roll up and then roll to end rebuild and save, this is hardly a solution.


                                    I'm currently engaged with my local VAR solution and hopefully I'll be able to post their response as soon as its action'ed. I'm the only one in our office experiencing this, and currently the only user on EPDM. Perhaps this is contributing to the the issue.

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                                        Alex Lachance

                                        Do you have a lot of messages checked out to not show again? I'm guessing you probably have one in there that asks you if you would like to dismiss changes made to a part and you said no and pressed don't show again.


                                        I try to keep my ''Do not show again'' list down between 3 to 5 messages.

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                                            David Demaria

                                            I read on another forum post somewhere that this "can" be caused by dismissing some of the default warning dialog boxes. I have since reset all settings back to factory default (allowing all messages to appear) and confirm this hasnt made any difference whatsoever.


                                            What I have noticed is that the fault is predicatable in so far as a graphics :glitch" that appears just prior to switching back to the assembly model. It appears as such. My VAR is starting to explore the possibility that this is a hardware based issue as our HP workstations are not certified for SW2018.


                                            GLITCH-A.PNGROLLBACK BUG.PNGROLLBACK BUG-B.PNGROLLBACK BUG.PNG

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                                        Stefan Ilic

                                        Which SW version are You using, which Windows version are You using? As a VAR, we advise our customers to only use SP5.0 in combination with Windows 10 since such combination is stable in most cases.


                                        In some cases even new Windows update can break SolidWorks, from first hand I experienced that SW Flow Simulation won't work on one computer after Windows 10 1803 build. Luckily reinstall solved the problem.


                                        Recently we decided to break the rules and implement SW + PDM from scratch on SW 2018 SP2.0. Everything was working correctly before weekend, when after it Cut List decided not to work on multiple computers although nothing was changed. Upon upgrade to SP3.0 everything miraculously decided to work again, although no modifications were made...

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                                          shay cohen

                                          Hi All,

                                          Just stumbled to the same situation and think i have the solution.

                                          I worked on a large assembly and edited some parts within the assembly , apparently one of the parts was in a rolled back state but   i couldn't know which. I knew that if I kill the process it will cost me with another 2 hours, so tried the following and it worked :

                                          1.try open a new journal of SW , it prompts that a journal is already open but it will open a new one .

                                          2. open the problematic assembly /

                                          3. when try to open it will prompt you of the part which is in a roll back state

                                          4. go to the stacked assembly (the original one) open the mentioned rolled back part and roll it forward . save it . save the assembly and you are fixed /

                                          5. close the copy without saving


                                          hope it will work for you .