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How to keep holes wen call SaveDeFeaturedFile() API?

Question asked by Maksim Adonin on Feb 27, 2018

Hello all,

I am a newbie in SolidWorks API


I need to implement application which modify the model via design table and then defeature this assembly.


I have problem with Defeature.

I use SaveDeFeaturedFile() API.


In the objects tree we have Defeature object. When user create it he clicked "All Holes" button on step "Step3: To keep".


In original model there are 4 holes. But when I import design table it can be changed to 5 holes for example.


When I call SaveDeFeaturedFile() API only 4 holes included into result file.


How I can select all holes and include it into Defeature objct using API?

May be I can use another API to control what objects to keep in Defeatured model?