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    Flow simulation

    Qmb Eid

      in flow simulation how can i know which (studied area) should be defined ???
      each time i extend it the result on a specific surface changed
      the study is the air flow through speed sensor
      i need to know the real speed on the surface of the sensor  .....


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          Qmb Eid

          when i add (location parameter) on the surface of the sensor every time i get a very different values  Снимок2.JPG

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            Ryan Dark

            Hi Qmb,

            I pondered your question a bit and if you are seeing changing results as you change the fluid domain then your analysis is still influenced by changes in the mesh or possibly the domain size itself.  So, from here you would probably need to expand that domain to encompass not only the entire model but the region of flow that may reasonably under the effect of flow pushing around your model.  Then, in the region you are taking measurements you would need to apply a Mesh Controls (GoEngineer - Flow Simulation: Mesh Controls) to make decrease the mesh cells' sizes until decreasing their sizes no longer influence your results.  Then you would have some converged results you could reasonably draw conclusions from.