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    Need Computer Recommendations

    Sophie Walton

      I need a second computer that I will only use for solidworks. What is the best computer I can get for the lowest price? I would rather have a laptop than desk but am willing to sacrifice for quality. Any suggestion will help

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          Shaodun Lin

          My personal trick is to buy from eBay, search those with International warranty.

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            David Matula

            oxy best computer for the cheapest price.  are you going to play with this computer or try and do work with this computer?  Cheep is also open for debate in some circles. under $5k I would talk with SolidBox.  over $5k I would go with SolidBox.  At least call them and see what they can do for you.  The more you know what you want to use the computer for the better anyone can help.

                 See I have worked at places where they got me a super  gamming computer and loaded the software on it.  I would spend most of my day dealing with crashes and waiting on the computer to catch up with me.  Then I got a video card.  After many reports of the performance of the computer and other problems I got a SolidWorks machine.  on of the first SolidBox machines that came out before the company was really formed.  Talk about becoming productive.  Hardly ever had to wait on the machine and crashes due to hardware problems went  away.  I could still crash SolidWorks, but for once it was not a computer problem.  It was a program/user problem.  The program was not liking how I was trying to use some commands.

                    It takes some belt tightening and budgeting to get a good SolidWorks machine.  Good luck.   

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              Patrick Couture

              For me in Canada, over the years the best performance versus the money I've found is with Eurocom (www.eurocom.com) they are a Canadian company that can configure some laptop with desktop components. Right now you can configure a Tornado F5W, with an I7-7700K and a M1000M Quadro GPU, with a starting price of 1300 USD. It's not a workstation that's been tested and configured for SW but since it's a Quadro GPU you still have a lot more stability over gaming cards. If you want performance and don't care much about portability (still way better than a desktop) I think it's the way to go for your money.

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                Dan Golthing

                Sophie, you haven't given any information what you are doing with SolidWorks.


                In times past I had to deal with assemblies of tens of thousands of parts.  Currently, I'm maybe doing assemblies in the hundreds of parts.


                That's two totally different computers.


                Are you rendering or using Sim or Flow? 


                Most SolidWorks users could probably get by with a decent $500 laptop.  Others not so much.  It really depends on what you are doing.


                If you can afford a mobile workstation like a Dell M series computer, I've found they have very few issues and good tech support.


                I tried a high-end MSI laptop and have had issues with it.  The Dell is an obviously much better machine, but at a price.  I think the last Dell I bought about 6 years ago retailed for $7k.  The MSI was only about $2500.

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                  Scott Miller

                  I'm at a small company, we build machines with only hundreds of parts, but import some significant data on customer parts and robot arms and such.  I'm looking for new computers, our three-year-old Dells are working well but it is time.  I need to stick with new, I have a contract IT company that will manage these.


                  I can customize a Precision 3620 to be adequate, but really want significantly more capability for future demands.  The Precision 5820 with Xeon W-2125 processor is significantly faster than what we are running now.  NVIDIA Quadro P2000 is many times faster than our current Quadro K2000s.  32GB of RAM with open slots for future increases.  M.2 512GB SSD should be plenty fast.  The real bottleneck seems to be the video card, and this P2000 isn't the fastest, but is many times faster than what is adequate now.  I'll probably replace all these computers in another three years or less, move these out to the CNC mills for Mastercam and OneCNC duties.


                  I'm hearing SolidWorks doesn't really make use of multi-core processors, so I'm getting one of the faster quad-cores, ignoring the 6, 10, 18-core processors with higher performance numbers.


                  Our out-going computers have 512GB solid-state drives, and those drives are near full, I'm puzzled by that.  We don't store much on our internal drives, just the projects we're working on.  We're running WIN7 and will continue to run 7 for now.  Several people here have searched through these hard drives looking for what is filling them up, run Disk Cleanup, can't figure it out.  I haven't ordered the new computers yet, could go bigger on the SSD, but trying to keep the cost down as these age out so quickly now.  I have a tech coming in to look at what is filling our computers, that is the last detail before I place my order.


                  I'm looking at $3,100 apiece for these, seems reasonable for a computer that will last two or three years, with plenty of capability for what we are likely to see in that time.