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    Migrating a lot of files to PDM

    Eric Snyder

      I was using a NAS for data storage. My VAR was saying that I needed a vault to reduce crashes - they say that NAS have known issues. I set up a vault and have been experimenting, doesn't seem to help much with crashes but does have some other nice things. I am migrating.


      I have ten's of thousands of files to migrate to the vault. Some are assemblies that contain parts in other folders. I can see doing this a few different ways:


      1) Copy all the files/folders to the vault in one large operation over the weekend.

      2) Move a small chunk of files/folders every day.


      What's best practice for migrating a bunch of files/folders to the vault?

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          Ken Maren

          Hire someone.   Your VAR, another VAR or outside firms have tools that can automate this.   Especially when you want files to end up in different workflow states with Revisions, etc.  

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            Craig Schultz

            If you can move them in over the weekend, that would probably be your best bet.  Move them into a single folder in the vault and then divide and conquer moving them into appropriate folders us the move tree function after you check them in.

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              M. D.

              Wow diverting blame for crashes!  Seems like they basically fibbed in order to get an upsell, untrustworthy tactics for sure.  But ya PDM is nice but my biggest gripe is it inserts properties into Configuration properties and custom properties at the same time which basically ruins models.


              To migrate move all in at once so you don't end up with someone making a rev in the old files during migration and it not ending up in your migrated files.  Or as you migrate over slowly, delete files from the old location that have been moved into the vault.

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                  Eric Snyder

                  What would happen if a assy is migrated but some of the components of the assy had not been migrated yet?

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                      Husein Delic

                      1. Suggest to move all files at once over the weekend. Think one by one folder migration you will get lost after some time .

                      2. If some component are missing of a assy, as normal it will ask to find the file or to suppress. After is added to vault it will find the file or you need to un-suppress and relocate the file if its in an different folder.


                      Once files are checked in into the vault you can move, rename etc. without losing references!


                      However, you can always change datacards, categories, workflows and also update easily attributes that are missing in older files. And dont forget to make backups before doing any migration!!!

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                    Lee CS Young

                    I've done dozens of migrations. Move all your files at once. That will allow the vault to attempt to find broken references and fix them when the files are checked in.