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Is there really no home license option anymore?

Question asked by Garet Holcomb on Feb 26, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2020 by Ramon Herrera

I work weekends regularly.  I used to have the ability to run SW at my office when I'm here, or on my laptop at home, an hour away.  I have never even tried to break the EULA by using both at once, and yet functionality I used to have is stripped away.


Here I am, an hour away from my laptop, with a meeting in less than an hour and I cannot run the software that is the core of my job here.  I have to wait for a VAR to get around to reading my emails and so I sit on my thumbs in the meantime, making no progress at all..  Yes, I forgot to release my license at home, but I never had to do that in the past.