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Help needed with Non-Linear Analysis issue "Out of Balance Force is diverging"

Question asked by Thomas Webb on Feb 26, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2018 by Ryan Dark

This is my first post, so forgive me in advance if I have omitted some essential detail to aid in answering my inquiry.

I am looking to press fit two parts, using a quarter 3D model for simplicity, to evaluate the following:

1) Stress induced into the two parts during an interference (0.001") Press Fit while the End Cap is cooled, and the MainBody is heated.

2) Determine force required to Press Fit the End Cap while the MainBody is fixed (using "List Result Force" feature for a Prescribed Displacement)

3) Residual Stresses present in the unified body (EndCap + Mainbody) after temperature normalizes

I am able to successfully run the non-linear analysis without the Thermal Loads and determine required force to press fit the two parts (~500lbs). However, once I add in the thermal loads, I get the "Out of Balance Force is diverging" failure message. This is my first effort at trying such an analysis, so I am certain that I am making a mistake somewhere. I have searched other discussion topics on here, and I have tried several different adjustments without success. I recognize that this process is "trial and error" intensive, but I would appreciate a fresh set of eyes on my setup to ensure that I am not missing an obvious solution or that my setup isn't working against me.


Attached are the following:

EndCap part file

MainBody part file

Assembly file

Thanks for the review,