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    Transparent Decals?

    Andrew Long

      I hope someone can help.


      I can add decals by dragging and dropping my image (.png) on to the model.

      But if I drag an image that was a transparent background then Solidworks renders it as black.

      Secondly, if I add a decal from the default selection it gives me a number of options on the lefthand side. But if I drag and drop I get no options?


      I just need the background transparent and to manipulate the image so that it fits my model.


      Thanks for your time and help

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          Michael Dirisio

          I use Visualize for Rendering so it has been a little while for me.


          Did you set the image masking?


          Under advanced on the left side; I believe you can set the masking to pull from file (PNG) or you can use the little dropper tool and tell it what to mask.


          Even if you drag and drop a decal, you should be able to edit it. Unless it is coming in as a sketch picture or something other than a decal.


          Go to the decal tab, right click and hit add decal, then browse for your image and check to see how the masking works.

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            Andrew Long

            thanks for your response.


            I was able to edit, by dragging a default decal then going to browse and selecting the decal I wanted.

            Secondly, I had to enable 'Use decal image alpha channel to make it transparent.


            All resolved thanks for your help!