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Can't conect to Archive Server

Question asked by Chad Leman on Feb 6, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2009 by Chad Leman
My PDM archive server is belly up, and as we have suppliers cutting from our PDM service we are in a world of hurt until this is fixed, any help is appreciated.

Sometime yesterday afternoon (I was out) PDM stopped accepting any connections. When I try to open the server from the Admin tool, it hangs for a bit then comes back with the message "The Archive Server connection receive operation timed out."

Also, when I try using the Archive Server Configuration tool to restart the service, the service completely hangs until I do a restart, then the same thing over again.

My VAR is working with SW on this but precious minutes are ticking away...
I verified that port 3030 is open.

EPDM 2009 SP2.0

Thanks in advance.