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Cannot create global variable

Question asked by Melvin Stevens on Feb 25, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2019 by Simon Rezelj

I cannot create a global variable in Solidworks 2018 Premium under Window 10 Enterprise with all latest win updates. I always get "The syntax of this equation is incorrect."

It does not matter how I try to create the variable. I have tried creating it from modifying a dimension as well and when I do that and then go to equation editor, the variable is not there.


I have completely uninstalled SW 2018 and reinstalled SW to no avail.


These are the steps I try to minimally get a global variable

  1. Open Solidworks 2018 Prem.
  2. Sketch a rectangle on the top plane
  3. Open up the Equation Editor
  4. Under Global Variables,  I click in “Add global
         variable” text box
  5. Type testVal1
  6. Hit tab
  7. Type 10; SW automatically changes this to =10
  8. Hit enter
  9. Get the popup message “The syntax of this equation is


I've tried the info here  GoEngineer - Knowledge Base .

Can anyone help with this?