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Bend Calculation Setup Help

Question asked by Ryan Gudorf on Feb 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2018 by Scott Leacox

We are currently moving to Solid Works from another 3D system and I need to set up our sheet metal flat pattern calculations based on our shop standards. I've been told to utilize the "bend_calculation.xls" spreadsheet (below) to input our formula for calculation. I've tried a few different ways and it doesn't seem to be using my formula at all. Or it errors out when I try another method of input. In our old system we had a field for the formula in the file template. Then all we had to do was input the material thickness and ID Bend radius into the model and our formula picked up the bend angle(s) and used the formula to calculate our flat pattern.


Our Formula: I have spelled out the variables for clarity
((.0078*Thickness)+(.0174*ID Bend Radius))*Angle


Does anyone know how to set up this spreadsheet to utilize our formula? I'm not understanding the use of the German character for aperture angle and how to utilize it since I really don't see it used in the example formula. Unless it's the standard "b" character.




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