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static simulation - with point load

Question asked by Ryan Hader on Feb 24, 2018
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I have a relatively simple static simulation I am trying to get some reaction loads from. Any help with the solidworks simulation would be greatly appreciated!



1) Mass (Block) is strapped down to a fixed platform with two bolts on eitehr side as will some position bolts on the top of the strap

2) There is gravity acting downwards

3) There is also a force acting  from CG of the object acting in the forward direction



1) I have applied the base as a fixed item

2) I have defined the top two holes as bolt connections

3) I have defined the bolt locations on the lower part of the strap as 'fixed' locations to determine the reaction forces.... ??

4) I have added a Remote Mass acting from a specified point (in a direction) plus gravity acting down

5) I have added some contact points where the strap is in contact with the block as well as where the block is in contact with the base.


Simulation attached.


Just looking for advice on getting a realistic result.


Thanks in Advance!!