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Help with flattening a surface without using Flatten command, or help with Convert to Sheet metal

Question asked by Tyler Nichol on Feb 23, 2018
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I'm trying to help a colleague get a flat pattern of a curved surface. I only have SW Standard so can't use the Flatten command (kinda frustrating, really hoping for SPR 886877 to get implemented). I thought I could make a sheet metal part using the surface but have been unsuccessful so far. I tried doing it as a loft, but Lofted-Bend only works between two sketches and there are several profiles needed to create the shape. Multiple Lofted-Bends produce a multi-body sheet metal part, which is as close to a solution as I can get but definitely is not as elegant as I'm hoping for, and I'm not exactly sure what will happen if I try to flat-pattern a bunch of distinct bodies.


I've included a file with a body made using the Thicken tool on the curved surface provided to me by my colleague. I would sure appreciate it if anyone can help me get a flat pattern that can be formed into this shape.




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