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    File Open times with PDM On-Line vs. Off-Line

    Scott Wheeler

      One of my frustrations with PDM is the significant added lag when opening (and saving) assembly files in SolidWorks.  For example, on one of our top level assemblies it takes only 11 seconds to open a fairly larger assembly when I have PDM in off-line mode.  In on-line mode, the file open time is increased to 1 minute 33 seconds, a huge difference.  When opening in SolidWorks you can see it quickly open and process the files in the first 10-12 seconds, and then it's the spinning blue ring of Windows 10 while PDM does some crap in the background for the remainder of the open process until the graphics are displayed and you can actually get to work.


      This lag effect of being on-line is repeatable across multiple assemblies, computers, and Windows 7 versus Windows 10.


      Can of the experts on the forum advise of any settings I could look at to reduce this lag period?  I suspect PDM is evaluating files in some manner, with on of our settings being to always work the the latest versions of files.  But, I don't think this is the culprit.


      Would appreciate any suggestions on what to look for and evaluate, thanks!

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          Brad Meador

          Could the slow down be a network issue?  I have experienced this with a similar PDM/PLM.  Do you have an in house IT guy to talk with? 



          As far as what goes into the background, I imagine the PDM software is checking the file for permissions.

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            Shaodun Lin

            You probably need to perform a Extended SQL trace profiler to understand the performance issue.

            I suggest you contact your SOLIDWORKS reseller to assist you for further investigation.

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              Scott Wheeler

              Update, having trying to debug this for a bit now today.  All File, Open's are on the same assembly, no state or version changes, all not checked out, read-only.  Assembly has 194 components, so it's a moderate size assembly but not overly complex by any stretch.


              Open time for On-Line - 1:33 (min:sec)

              Open time for Off-Line - 0:11


              VAR suggested looking at what was in my folder locations for System Options/File Locations/Referenced Documents.  This was blank, since I recall years ago debugging something and seeing lag with folders listed here.  On a whim, I added the root vault folder.


              Open time for On-Line with c:\epdm added to Ref Doc - 3:21  Ouch!


              Then, I recalled a few years ago we had a major lag issue with Toolbox files, which are shared within EPDM.  The add-in for PDM was causing major lag when inserting Toolbox items, and when the add-in was turned off Toolbox was snappy.  So I disabled the PDM add-in.


              Open time for On-Line, PDM add-in turned off - 0:12   NICE!


              So it appears the add-in has some sort of bug in it, again.  Currently running 2017SP4 on a Win10 machine and am in the process of getting ready to roll out 2018SP1 to my 90+ users. (I'm our CAD admin)  I'm going to evaluate this issue on 2018.  If it persist, I'll roll the software out with the PDM add-in disabled by default, that's a huge time penalty hit.


              I'm posting these details here so other users frustrated by slow PDM performance may be able to possibly benefit.

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                  Charley Saint

                  I noticed a bunch of functions that you wouldn't expect slowed down when we moved our archive server closer to us and further from the Domain Controller. We used the recommendation from S-068787 to do the following on the Archive Server and it help tremendously


                  • Instead of adding the domain groups directly, create a local Windows group on the archive server and add the domain users or groups to that local group instead. Add that local group to the Windows login settings (S-058096).


                  Also a much better tool for evaluating local client performance issues is Process Monitor:

                  Process Monitor - Windows Sysinternals | Microsoft Docs


                  Use it to capture everything SolidWorks.exe, explorer.exe and edmserver.exe are doing while you open the file and look for large gaps between operations and see the last thing run before that gap to get a view into what's tripping you up.

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                  Scott Wheeler

                  The fix for this has been posted in a new thread in the general forum:


                  Eureka!  Discovered *the* culprit to slow SolidWorks startup time.