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File Open times with PDM On-Line vs. Off-Line

Question asked by Scott Wheeler on Feb 23, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2018 by Gary Hamm

One of my frustrations with PDM is the significant added lag when opening (and saving) assembly files in SolidWorks.  For example, on one of our top level assemblies it takes only 11 seconds to open a fairly larger assembly when I have PDM in off-line mode.  In on-line mode, the file open time is increased to 1 minute 33 seconds, a huge difference.  When opening in SolidWorks you can see it quickly open and process the files in the first 10-12 seconds, and then it's the spinning blue ring of Windows 10 while PDM does some crap in the background for the remainder of the open process until the graphics are displayed and you can actually get to work.


This lag effect of being on-line is repeatable across multiple assemblies, computers, and Windows 7 versus Windows 10.


Can of the experts on the forum advise of any settings I could look at to reduce this lag period?  I suspect PDM is evaluating files in some manner, with on of our settings being to always work the the latest versions of files.  But, I don't think this is the culprit.


Would appreciate any suggestions on what to look for and evaluate, thanks!