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    Solidworks PDM Search card issues

    Kevin Smith

      So i am trying to create cards to help search through an insane amount of files and I am having issues with the radio buttons. I have 4 radio buttons set up...

      What i need to be able to do is when I am performing a search in a search card I need to be able to clear whatever button may be checked. if someone is searching for a file using one of these 4 conditions and then decide they would rather just include all 4 options (by them being cleared) it would be way easierthan it would be to cancel the search and start over... I tried using check boxes instead but these four options are all assigned to the same variable so when I click one of the four, they all get checked..

      Maybe I can assign all the check boxes to different variables, but it would make my control logic a little more difficult. any help would be appreciated!