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PDM only using $PRPSHEET data from views on sheet 1 of drawing

Question asked by Gordon Rigg on Feb 23, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2018 by Gordon Rigg

I have set PDM standard to use variables that in the case of drawings are pulled from the description and number fields on my drawing sheet. Such as $PRPSHEET:{Description} and $PRPSHEET:{Number}


This is working fine.


I make a drawing of a part. The description and number fill automatically from the part data. I don’t fill anything on the card when I save my drawing as it auto fills with the data from the drawing frame when it is inserted into the vault.


This works fine when I have several drawings using different configurations of the same part or assembly. The description and number all works correctly and always follows the data on the drawing frame for each drawing.


Then I found a troublesome drawing where this was not happening correctly.

This drawing showed lots of different configurations of an assembly and an additional configuration of the assembly was created to control the description and number on the drawing frame, and that was working for the multiple sheets.

However when the drawing was checked in, description and number from a different configuration appeared in the data card – differing from the data in the drawing frame (same data on all sheets).


All drawing sheets can be set to use the data from the configuration shown in any particular view. That view can be on any sheet. Sheet 1 can use the data from a config shown on view 16 on sheet 3 for example.

This I eventually found was the problem.

Despite all drawing sheets was using data from a config in a view on sheet 2 or three, PDM is getting an erroneous $PRPSHEET:{Description} and $PRPSHEET:{Number} from a view on sheet 1, probably as if the sheet was set to use the default view on sheet 1.

So PDM is able to access different $PRPSHEET data from what is shown on every single sheet in the drawing.

PDM is not always using the default view config data because it is working correctly with views showing different configurations, following the setting of the view for the sheet, provided the view appears on sheet 1 (this is the case for most of the drawings I have where this is done, hence the confusion with the odd one).

If I copy the view I wanted to use from the other sheet, and place it on sheet 1 – then set sheet 1 to use data from that new view then PDM accesses the intended data. I can then hide the unwanted view on sheet 1.

So I have this as a work round to the problem.


However I believe PDM should use the $PRPSHEET data from the view the sheet is specified to use wherever that view is placed, following the drawing sheet functionality, and not suffer this conflict.


PDM standard SW2016pro sp5