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Assign different apperance to all parts using a specific apperance.

Question asked by Bjorn Wallen on Feb 23, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2018 by Bastian Krueckberg



I have an assembly imported in Visualize using the automatic grouping. Let's say I have a few components using the same apperance. If I wan't to change that apperance I could, in Visualize 2017, copy the the desired apperance and then right click on the apperance I want to be changed and select "assign apperance. ..". It worked like a charm!


When trying the same thing i Visualize 2018 SP2.0ev it doesn't work. I can go to the model tab and select the components there and assign the apperance but it doesn't work from the apperance tab.


This was really handy, beeing able to say that everything that was yellow low gloss plastic in SolidWorks should be something else i Visualize.