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Trouble with interactive feature recognition

Question asked by William Knapper on Feb 23, 2018



I'm trying to recognize features on the attached imported part, because I want to suppress the circular 'teeth' cutouts on the two outer faces of the part. I'm having a bit of trouble in the interactive feature recognition menu, though. I've gotten it to recognize the outer profile fillets and blind slot cutouts near the tapped hole (don't worry about recognizing the tapped hole BTW, I know SW hates modeled threads), but I can't get it to recognize either the two large thru slots in the middle or the five teeth on each side (ten total) that have the circular profile on a swept cut (the latter being the key feature I want it to recognize, so I can suppress it in the FMT and get that full, uncut surface). I've tried both 'cut faces' and 'end faces' conditions under the swept cut options, but it keeps giving me errors and not recognizing the feature.


I think the interactive feature recognition tool is great, I just can't quite get it to do what I want here. Let me know if you guys need any clarification on what I'm looking for, thanks.