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    SOLIDWORKS encountered a problem in the file:

    Brandon Bihn

      The past couple days I have been plagued by this error when opening drawings: "SOLIDWORKS encountered a problem in the file:"  It leaves the drawing corrupted where I can no longer open it.


      I have tried opening the assembly and rebuilding it but it does not fix the drawing issue.  Does anyone know what might cause this?   I have found if I use the "pack and go" feature I can sometimes get the drawing to open if I remove all relations to other files.

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          Shaodun Lin

          You may need to send the file to SOLIDWORKS technical support team ( via your SOLIDWORKS reseller ) to see if they can repair the corrupted file.

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            David Chiles

            We've been experiencing the same problem since upgrading to SW18 from SW16 a couple of months ago.  The corruption issue didn't appear until we actually started saving our files in version SW18.  It's not all files just some but have not been able to identify a pattern, other than it does appear to be large assemblies.  Unfortunately I didn't catch this until after I had run the PDM File Version Upgrade Tool (PDM FVUT) on our entire Vault.  I've reported this to our VAR and hope something can be done.  This is so frustrating.  One semi-workaround I've found is to open an earlier version.  We use PDM Pro and I found I'm able to open an earlier SW16 versions in SW18 with no issues.  But you're still going to have to deal with the performance hit of the conversion when opening if you don't save in the new version.  This may not be a big deal for some but being a company that works with assemblies of 10k+ part assemblies this can be very time consuming when they are opened.  I have to say we are experiencing many issues since upgrading and are definitely loosing production time dealing with this and other simple things that don't work anymore i.e. Save As with assemblies (SPR 1073841)...c'mon man.