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Best meshing on boundary layers between fluid/solid and treatment of partial cells

Question asked by Jannis Wachter on Feb 22, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2018 by Joe Galliera

Hello all,

i need to simulate some inlet geometries designed as different diffusors. The water flow stream will then impinge on a stack of plates, which will be 300um thick and also with a 300um spacing between them. In order to check these inlet geometries and flow distribution on the flow channels i will first need to do only stationary flow simulation without any heat transferring, just flow. In addition, i will be in very laminar flow range about reynolds numbers of ~50 to 200.


So in case of meshing: Right now i have manually set planes to get exactly two fluid cells in between of two solid material plates. As SW FS is solving with cartesian cuboid cells, i thought initially it is better to have better have "pure" cells as partial cells if possible. Please see img_001 for the meshing and img_008 for the results. As for the diffusor this question does not appear, but for the channels and at the inlet into the channels i only have complete fluid cells. As for example in:

Bill McEachern