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How to customize BOM

Question asked by Ken Hurst on Feb 21, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2018 by Edmund Lively



  I have an old drawing parts list that I must duplicate in solid works.  I can get everything except the Qty Required columns.  The header row for this part is split into two (see attach).  Bottom part is the header "QTY REQD".  the upper part is the configuration dash number, then the remaining part of the column lists the quantity for each part.  I'm not worried about the blank rows for item 2 and 3.


I can add a row  above the header but then the ITEM NO. get messed up.  Any help on how to proceed is greatly appreciated.



Basically, Item 1 is the Assembly configuration  with its pertinent data.  I somehow need to split the header row so that the configuration number is placed there (above lower "QTY REQD" header) and still have the parts qty show in their respective place.


Thanks for all help in advance