Jeff Norfolk

SP2.1 Size and SPRs

Discussion created by Jeff Norfolk on Feb 6, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2009 by Neil Larsen
20MB for a new Installation Manager.
Run IM... select Update an Existing Admin Image (smaller download)
Notified that I have to download 1.2GB (Smaller download? For a x.1 patch?)
I noticed that for some programs, ex. eDrawings, rather than a small patch you actually download the entire program. Same for PDM, SW Exporer, etc. I don't believe this to be the most efficient way of patching. That size download becomes a real PITA when you work at a place that has a CAPTCHA authentication requirement every 15 minutes. And I have a feeling that I won't be in the minority by stating that SolidWorks' servers seem slow.

I've also tried the option of downloading the files on a computer with open internet access and then installing from those downloaded files, but I always get an error about not having all the files, which is crazy because I clicked on what seemed like 100 file download hyperlinks and double checked. Even my VAR says it rarely works.

Also, I cannot find the list of SPRs that were fixed in this SP. I'd like to determine if it's necessary for us to install a SP before I spend a whole day babysitting my internet connection.

Anyone else have a similar miserable experience with this process?