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Too small von Mises stress? (locking lever)

Question asked by Yun Man Poon on Feb 21, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2018 by Siavash Khajehhasani

Hi I'm a starter on simulation and I'm sorry if my question may be repeated in other posts.

I was working on an analysis for a lever, having major thickness of 4.92mm, with fillets of 0.3mm radius on all edges, and:

1 - a hinge on one end

1 hinge.png



2 - a flat support at the bottom face



3 - a roller support on the tip at the other end




4 - a 206 N load (by pressing a smaller metal cylinder against the arc) along an edge on the inner arc, with specified applying angle




So I ran the static analysis to generate the von Mises stress distribution, which gave a maximum of 8e+7 N/m2. The material was the default alloy steel from solidworks library (Elastic modulus 2.1e+11, Poisson's ratio 0.28). I was on Solidworks Premium 2015.

While a quick math done on the load 206 N, divided by an assumed contact area of 4.32mm*0.1mm, should give more than 4e+8 N/m2. What was the input going wrong to deviate the result? I am happy to provide more information if needed, thanks!