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Drawing view quality duplicated?

Question asked by Alex Lachance on Feb 21, 2018
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I get this quite often and I was wondering if it was normal behaviour of SolidWorks to duplicate the view quality box. It isn't really duplicated, it seems to be a whole different setting.


In my opinion, this is a bug and what I'm seeing is the old method of working in draft quality/high quality.


The one at the bottom is the default one. When the one in the Display style boxes appears, it overrides the other one. It's sometimes a hassle to get it back to high quality and I'm not sure what causes it.


When it's in Draft Quality, the drawing becomes extremely heavy to work with, zooming in and out takes about 15 seconds per mouse scrolls(Sometimes even more time) and the same thing applies to launching new commands such as drawing lines, dimensionning, selecting edges, etc...