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    3D PDF error

    Jordan Brocklehurst

      Morning all,


      Hope you're well. I've exported 3D PDF files previously for clients who can't view CAD models, without any issues- UNTIL NOW.


      Usually I build an assembly in SolidWorks and save to a 3D PDF. This time, a colleague has built one in Catia, saved it as a STEP, which I have opened in SW to save out as a 3D PDF, but the result is only a series of lines expanding from a central point- see CAD, then PDF below:




      Above: CAD in SolidWorks

      Below: 3D PDF...


      3D PDF viewer.JPG


      What's going wrong? Could it be the chain of events to get it there? The Assembly size (240 MB)? Does anyone have any other ideas? (I might try to bring the Catia file straight in with Interconnect and see how that goes).


      Thanks for looking (and hopefully shedding some light on thee problem)!


      All the best,



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          Elmar Klammer

          Hi Jordan,


          Check with Import diagnostic right after opening the catia file.

          Set your graphic resolution. It does affect tesselation and 3D pdf file size

          Run force rebuild.


          I use export to IFC and import/convert to PDF with Bluebeam. That works better for large files.

          I can copy paste individual components into self containing 3D view frames inside the PDF.


          Try to eliminate and simplify before exporting as much as you can.


          You can try to round-trip with IFC format. Breakout the asm into smaller subassemblies. Export out to IFC, then Import it back in again. Then create the 3D pdf from there. After import the files will be tesselated and sometimes this works to reduce the file size.

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            Chris Dordoni



            I believe Elmar is referring to the Image Quality settings (below). Moving the sliders to different positions and saving the 3D PDF a few times might help determine if its a tesselation issue.


            You could try saving an STL to just to determine if the triangulated model might work if its generated a different way. Changing the angle to something like 3 degrees will reduce the # of triangles in the STL.



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              Steve Crompton



              See the attached. When I've had this happen I've ticked it if its unticked or the opposite, it usually does the trick for me.