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    Sketch Visibility in different drawing sheets

    Kevin Quigley
      When I prepare drawings I use multiple sheets for one job - so one job could have maybe 15+ sheets in the drawing file.

      Does anyone know of a way to show or hide part sketches on a per sheet or per view basis? Yes I can go through the parts and turn off the sketches but I prefer to leave these on for modelling and use the global View Menu>Hide all types to quickly hide everything that is non part on the drawing views.

      The problem with this approach is that (as far as I can see) it is a file setting - it affects all the drawing sheets. Normally this is not an issue but there are times when I do need to show sketches - sheet metal flat patterns, layout sketches, schematics etc - and have Hide all types on hides all these.

      So is there a way to control "hide all types", or even hide specific types on a per view or per drawing sheet basis? If not, then this might be a good enhancement.
        • Sketch Visibility in different drawing sheets
          Jeff Hamilton
          You can do it on a view only basis. In the feature manager tree right click in the sketch and select show. It will only appear in that view.

          If you ever need to display the sketch in a particular way, such as phantom, you can select the sketch in the tree for that particular view, then in the skect toolbar select to convert entities. This will bring in 2D sketch entities for the entire sketch at once. You can then change the line thickness and font as desired. Since they are attached to the model sketch, they will update if changed.
          • Sketch Visibility in different drawing sheets
            Kevin Quigley
            Thanks Jeff. Unless I have wrong end of the stick (which is entirely possible as I'm not in front of SW right now) this requires that I go into each view and manually slect the visibility of each sketch? What I am really after is a global view or sheet show or hide for all sketches in the model. I'll give you an example. I have today been designing a new wheelchair. I have started the design as a single part multibody that has maybe 250+ features. In that part I have maybe 20+ sketches that are visible. In the drawing sheet I have some views I want to show all the visible sketches, and some I don't. What I am after is a view based "hide all" command so I can quickly toggle between the two.