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Problem with tool descent under angle

Question asked by Michal Šálek on Feb 21, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2018 by Michal Šálek

Hi all.


I'm a newbie with SolidWorks 2018, although I'm progressing very well with my learning curve,but there is still one major problem.

Lets say I have a basic cube 50x50x10mm and I need to cut it out from material. So I create contour mill operation and under "Operation parameters", on "Contour" tab, choose as "Ramp" option an "Angle". I don't like when tool descending directly into material, so descending under angle is a good choice for me. But I also need to set limits for "Max cut ammount", because if the material is a steel, for example, it's not a good idea to go through all material in one pass. Lets say 1mm will be enough for one step down.

And there is the problem. When I choose a combination of 1mm step down and "Angle" as a Ramp, then 1mm step become ignored and tool descend under the selected angle through material to the bottom. So if I choose angle 8 degree, the tool descend to the bottom in one pass!


Simply said, Ramp with option "Angle" ignores depth limits completely. I try it many times with same results. Did I do something wrong or it's a bug in SolidWorks?


I will be glad for any suggestion. Thanks.