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flag note bank not reliable

Discussion created by perry leets on Feb 21, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2019 by Daniel Cole

Not long ago I discovered the "flag note bank" and thought it would be a savior. Especially since I am working on several projects that require a full B size page of notes that are referenced on subsequent pages of my drawings. I assumed, perhaps wrongly, that I could add, remove and rearrange notes in the bank and that their references would update to reflect the new numbers. Sometimes this seems to work, other times not. I recently added a new note to the bank (in position #4) for a particular drawing, this should have incremented all references in the remainder of the drawing. It did not.

At other times, I may insert a new note on my notes page, mark it to be in the notes bank, and when I later add a flag note reference and pull up the notes bank I will find that the note below or above the one I just inserted is blank (although its number still remains in the left hand column). I found that if I edit the notes that the flag bank is based on, and say add an extra period at the end of a note, then delete it, the note magically appears in the bank again. Very flaky.

My drawings are scrutinized by numerous engineers before they go on the the FAA and get scrutinized by the feds. It reflects poorly on me if ALL the flag note references in my drawings make no sense. I now have to go through these drawings and reinsert the flag note references so they match the flag notes on my notes page. Very counter productive.

In my opinion solidworks is NOT reliable enough to trust for critical engineering documentation.

just another of the many bugs that has been plaguing this software for a very long time. Dassault, hire some PROFESSIONAL programmers!