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Export to FBX for Cinema 4D

Discussion created by Matthew Galvin on Feb 20, 2018
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Just wanted to post a follow up on export options.
I recently started a job where most of the mechanical and electrical drafting is done in Solid Works. I'm the video/marketing guy and I needed to get the models into Adobe CC, and Cinema 4D.

Aside from shelling out for the Okino solution (which I was skeptical about), I launched into an exploration of how to get there.

The SLDASM file was 65 MB and was very complex. You may have better luck or a different workflow with a simpler project.

Here's what worked for me from Solid Works 2016 to Cinema 4D R18 - actually had to go through AutoCAD 2017.

Open Solid Works SLDASM in AutoCAD (start a new drawing, then Import, select other file)

Export from AutoCAD as FBX (very slow).

Open FBX in Cinema 4D

Organize (tons and tons of polygons, I ended up grouping them into Nulls with Alt+G in Cinema 4D)

Texture in Cinema, add camera, lights.


I tried multiple options from Solid Works, and the program crashed EVERYTIME on STL export. Again, very complex model, you might have better luck.

I also tried STL export from AutoCAD, but I only ended up with about 300 polygons.

Never got anywhere with the outdated VRML 1.0 export that was recommended - Cinema could not see the file.

DWG also did not work.


If you have other suggestions or improvements, feel free to message me.