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Mates Context Menu will not let me near it

Question asked by Matthew Watts on Feb 20, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2018 by Matthew Watts

Recently, my Mates context menu has starting acting buggy.  Trying to mate components, such as bolt library items, I have found that the typical method of mate selection for me, "Hold CTRL, select multiple items", then let off CTRL and hover to the context menu --- its no longer working.


Solidworks is consistently putting the menu out of my reach, so that it fades as I get near it with my cursor, whereas the typical response is to get brighter as you near it.  Imagine my cursor is the + simple in the blue hole.  If I get any closer to the mates menu than that, it disappears.


Obvious workaround, choose "Mate" from the menu in the upper right (ironically, it stays put during all of this).  However, I prefer the ability to tell it exactly what kind of mate I need, as Solidworks often gets confused with the parts I use, and will try to do something other than I want.


Anyone seen this action before?