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inserting technical drawings into word crashes at 23mb

Question asked by Simon Buckley on Feb 21, 2018
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I have been happily producing Technical drawings IN SOLIDWORKS COMPOSER and dropping them into a Word document table to aid with formatting. All was going well until i reached around 23mb file size. Now the file crashes every time i try to add more images.

I've tried removing from table and also am now using a new set of views - but same thing happening. It either crashes or wants to Save As (but will not allow to save as!)

Also tried striping the document back to bare minimum!

As far as i am aware Word 2016 does not have a small file limit (500mb)?!

The Tech Drawing images are SVG and around 60 to 100kb (not massive), i am inserting them with link back to the Composer Model.


Has anyone had similar and solved?

Help please!