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Are BoM's Broken for 2018 3D PDF?

Question asked by William Radigan on Feb 20, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2018 by Elisabeth Daley

After upgrading to SW2018, we haven't been able to create 3D PDF files of assembly drawings that include a linked BoM table.  Is anybody else having this problem? 


We successfully created a number of assembly documents previously, but right now, the "Publish to 3D PDF" function for Assemblies creates PDF documents that either crash Adobe Acrobat, or fail to display correctly. 


I have attached a few example documents.  On my end, the files named:

"No BoM" --> display correctly.

"Yes BoM" --> display with various errors depending on the state of Adobe Acrobat when they are opened.


Is this issue unique to our installation of either SWx or Acrobat?