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Time to get away from old school...New command to use for the week or month

Discussion created by David Matula on Feb 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2019 by David Matula

I have been encouraged by all the wonderful questions about some of the new commands that have been added and it is time to start thinking about using some of them.  So this week it is going to be copy with mates.....

     Good thing that I was good at mirroring components and notice the next arrow...

this here looks simple enough but as always when I go back to explain this I notice that just about every command has something that helps you work threw it. All you need to do is put your reading glasses on and read.

so far so bad.....not one component had been in the right place.  flip a mate alignment or edit a mate to pick a new face for a distance mate cause picking the right one was not as easy.   One out of three isn't bad though.  at least I did not have to edit all three mates or put them all back in individually.  By the end of the week if I get to keep making more assemblies I may have this down to no edits needed.