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WHere can I download a library of ballvalves (all classes) for routing?

Question asked by Monty Mayfield on Feb 20, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2018 by Ruben Balderrama

Is there still not a library to download from sworks for standard ball valves? Ive worked with routing now and then creating simple spools. Mostly lwn flanges welded to pipe and also weld the components together where piping is not req'd(weld tees to elbows, reducers, flanges).

Does anyone use routing for complex piping? If so, did it take you months/years of drawing all of your own components and adding them to the library?

A nice starting point would be all sizes and all classes ansi ball valves. We have a piping job that I would like to tackle, but I starting to doubt that routing is the tool to use. It seems routing is a tool that must be used everyday for months to work out the finickiness of the program. The lack of the UNDO command is a pita.

If my company is going to need to do complex routings with thousands of pieces, I want to get input from users so I do not waste time learning something that cannot do the job. Also... is the P&ID feature a smart feature? I havent found much on this.

I am wide open for any recommendations or manuals or good books on routing.


I will take a couple of screen shots of specifics and try to post tomorrow.