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Extruded body is made as surface instead solid.. (photo)

Question asked by Ivan Mladenovski on Feb 20, 2018
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During modeling, I have had a need to make the top surface as transparent plastic due to rendering needs (I made it with extruded cut for 0.3 mm, then extrude for 0.29, just to have that edges on top..), and when I add transparent appearance to the extrude feature, it showed as all body empty (like made of surfaces)  - please see the photos.


I know that it is possible in assembly, but I like it to be as one part, and anyways, I'm just upset that I can't control it.. I don't like when I have that feeling like on gambling, when I'm not sure what I'm doing, which happens all the time with Solidworks..


This is the extrude feature:


And this is after I create feature and make it transparent.


Thanks in advance.
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