Jan Van Leeuwen

square tube with lasercut bends

Discussion created by Jan Van Leeuwen on Feb 20, 2018



Today I modelled a square tube with several bent corners in it. It will be lasercut on a tubelaser.

I used the flex feature which is not the easiest thing to do.

A while ago I found the tip to use coordinate systems for every cut made and use these in the flex features. A great tip. Thanks!

The approach used works very well. The attached part contains two configurations: one default which is the straightened state and I use that to generate a step file for the lasermachine.

The other config is the bent form with all the flex features unsuppressed that is used in the machine it is for.

Welders like it because it makes their job easier since it it is just one part where mostly a whole set of parts were used.

Maybe it is of help for someone which is why I share it.