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Assigning bodies to array for InsertCutSurface method

Question asked by J. R. on Feb 20, 2018

Hello again,


Sorry for asking another question in  a short span of time, but I ran into issue that is really ill-documented, and I can't find any examples or explanations that could allow me to figure it out on my own.


I am writing a macro, and a part of that macro has to select a plane, and create a cut-with-surface feature through InsertCutSurface method, cutting only one specific body in a two-body part, even though both bodies intersect that plane. The InsertCutSurface documentation specifies that in order to specify bodie(s) to cut, I must fill the Bodies parameter with an array of bodies (in my case, just a single body). I don't know how to do that, and I can't find any examples.


So basically, my question is, how do I assign a selected body (through SelectByID2) into an array that the InsertCutSurface method will accept, and cut that specific body only? Can you give an example of working code, please?


Thank you!