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Corner Fillet Options for Consumer Product

Question asked by Jason Corl on Feb 19, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2018 by Roland Schwarz

Looking for some opinions on modeling corners with setback type features for an apple-esque product. The product will have a polished surface so I want to get the corners "right". Think Macbook charger corners. I'm trying to break away from the traditional fillet 1 + fillet 2 = done and looking at curvature etc. which is new for me. Anyone have suggestions on methods to try. Curvature Continuous etc.


I've attached a model with a few options as described below.

  • Red body (Continuous Curvature Fillets)

1. setback/delete/fill

2. Flat Trim and fill

  • Blue body (Circular Fillets)

3. Flat Trim and fill

4. Setback/delete/fill


Any thoughts on what will look and feel the best? One of these options or something different? I've included 2 other bodies in there green and yellow if anyone has any suggestions and can show by example :-). Model is 2017 but I can open 2018. Thanks guys!


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