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Design Binder and Workgroup PDM

Question asked by John Wayman on Feb 20, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2018 by Matt Peneguy

I have developed the habit of attaching PDF copies of manuals and datasheets to the Design Binder in models of bought-out items that we use. This means that, in theory, any of my colleagues and I can readily find the details of these items in future.

Some of these items are saved as library parts, others are checked into the Workgroup PDM vault.

I have recently discovered that these PDF files do not seem to be saved to the location of the models, so that, when I open a library part or check out a Workgroup PDM part from the vault, the software looks for the attached PDF on my local drive.

Is it possible to have Solidworks manage these attached files so they are saved in the same location as the models?

If not, the Design Binder becomes useless, as far as I can see.


Of course, the same question will arise shortly in relation to Solidworks PDM Standard, when we migrate to that in a few weeks' time.


Has anyone solved this conundrum?



SW2017, sp5

Windows 10 pro