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(3DConnexion 3DMouse + Solidworks) + (Pan + (Zoom or Rotation)) = Model Flies off screen

Question asked by Dan Pihlaja on Feb 19, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2019 by Alex Maul

I know that this has been an ingoing issue (It has been an issue with me + Solidworks since time began).  I am posting it now, simply because I was looking for a possible solution and ran into these threads and thought I would consolidate them.


Basically, the issue is that (with the 3DMouse) if I pan and then try to rotate or zoom, the model will suddenly fly off the screen.  It seems like the center of rotation suddenly jumps (even though the visual indicator still shows that the center of rotation is where I placed it).


Here are a couple of links to the 3DConnexion Forums regarding this issue (since way back in 2008!):

Solidworks - Zoom to Centre of PC Screen - 3Dconnexion Forum

Strange coupled panning and zoom in SolidWorks - 3Dconnexion Forum


As you can see, in both threads, some form of (3Dconnexion) moderator comes on the scene and adds that this is a known issue and that it is tracked internally (with 3DConnexion) with number 6214.


So, a couple of questions:

Have you ever run into this issue?

What have you done to solve it (if anything)?

Will the Solidworks team help out with this issue at all?


(yes, I have tried all the tricks that are listed in those links above....they either didn't work or made it worse).


My workaround is to hit the "F" key and then either try again, or just use the mouse to get there.  But it is annoying.


Edit:  I can confirm that this issue (as far as I know) is only with Solidworks.  CATIA V5 does NOT have this problem.


I do want to add that I love the Spacemouse Pro.   It is just this one annoyance.