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BOM in .slddrw does not update after Pack & Go...Why?

Question asked by James Harvey on Feb 20, 2018
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Problem Description:

    I use Pack & Go to copy existing drawings & assemblies into a new project. I initiate the P&G command from the drawing environment.

    After the project is Packed & Gone, I open the new drawing and use File>Find References to confirm that the drawing is referencing only the models I want referenced (also to see that referenced files are named & stored appropriately..).

    I then open several of the assembly & sub-assembly models to make the changes required of the new project. I typically "drill down" by opening the top level assembly from the drawing environment, and then open sub-assemblies from there so that things stay updated on all levels as I save and close the lower level sub-assemblies. The changes implemented have only to do with component quantities in the assemblies, top level, 2, 3, and occasionally 4 levels deep.

    So now I've made my changes and I'm back in the drawing environment and the BOM's that I have in my drawing will not update to show the correct quantities.


Any ideas why?


I have tried CTRL+B, CTRL+Q, saving, closing & re-opening the drawing etc. to no avail.


Does anybody know how to determine which model file a Solidworks drawing BOM is referencing? I haven't figured out how to find that..


I am aware that when I 'Replace Model' in a drawing view, the BOM reference does not change, but this is a Pack & Go. Why the discrepancy?

Another down side is that it makes me suspicious of every BOM in the drawing. If the Pack & Go source model gets revised I have to assume any associated BOM in this new drawing is going to change with it. So I'm replacing all the BOM's.


What I really want to know is:

1) Why does this happen with Pack & Go and is there a way to avoid it?

2) Why do the BOM references not show up on the list when I use File>Find References?

Any help or suggestions much appreciated!





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