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Large Assembly BOM

Question asked by David Demarco on Feb 19, 2018

Good afternoon all, I'm working with a large assembly, that is made up of several sub assemblies as well as several different and sometimes reoccurring components.  I'm trying to create a BOM of all the components used in the creation of this piece of hardware to get an accurate price of it. When using AssemblyXpert I know I've got >2000 components. I've tried several different approaches, creating a drawing of the main assembly and creating a top-level, parts only and indented BOM. All three approaches yield some useful information but not none of them come up to totaling the 2000+ components that I seem to have. Is there some way to create a BOM that would show me the quantities of a component say for instance 2" weld neck flange that shows up in several different assemblies on this, as well as things like sensors and pipe/tubing lengths? I'm really trying to come up with a way to check my work against myself. I'm also creating a BOM based on the drawing packages we release to our shop but in the past this has come up short and I know I'm omitting somethings along the line.