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Solidworks 2018 CAM

Question asked by Julio Brezzo on Feb 19, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2018 by Richard Wagenaar

Hello everyone! I updated my SolidWorks to 2018 recently, and i'm very enthusiastic with the CAM module! I was experimenting a little bit, and today i wanted to produce some washers from a sheet of material. With a couple of requirements;


First, the machining will be done using only one tool of 3mm of diameter.

Second, the sheet thickness will be 1mm.


So i programmed everything, and when i procceed to the simulation... surprise! The program do not work well when a part has multiple solids. Or at least, there is a special condition, and i don't know how to solve it. I attach the model for you to understand what i am talking about. All the constructive critics are well received


Hope you guys knows what i am missing.