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Vault File Explorer quickly go-to location of Linked Part's original file?

Question asked by Eric Haberland on Feb 19, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2018 by LIN SHAODUN

Our company has a very large Vault. If I have a subassembly with part inside of it that is linked to the original part location elsewhere in the vault, is there a quick and easy way to right click and jump straight to that location? If I RMB click and Find/Search I have to type the name in. If I happen to have ownership I can RMB click and "Change Project" to see where it currently resides, but 1. Our projects are very large and not organized into sub-folders well, so it still involves scrolling and 2. I would need to have ownership to use this menu. How can I just quickly jump to where it is without having to run a full search or have ownership?