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Problems starting SolidWorks 2017 through API

Question asked by Patrick Reinke on Feb 19, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2018 by Patrick Reinke

Hello all together,


first at all, I am new in this forum and thanks for let me beeing here. Second: sry 4 my english if it doesn't pleases you. ;-)


I have a Problem starting SolidWorks 2017 through the API. I Have heard the experts are hiding in here.  I hope you can help me troubleshooting this error and thanks 4 even reading until the end.


As a CAD-Manager I am trying to find corrupted assemblys regarding to missing file references ans corrupted mates. So i am writing an makro that starts SolidWorks and checks each assembly stored in a folderstructure. The Problems begins with starting SolidWorks. Because SolidWorks 2015 und 2017 coexists, the engine allways runs 2015 by default. So I checked the following solution, to descide which Version I want to run.

Problems with GetObject


Unfortunately it didnt work well, so I decided to uninstall SolidWorks 2015. Now the Debugger gives back an exception, when running through

SldWorks app = new SldWorks();


Do you have an idea what can be the Problem.


Deep thanks 4 any help!!