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Adding a belt in a dynamic model - how to tense it properly?

Question asked by Asko Kauppi on Feb 19, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2018 by Asko Kauppi

I'm trying to create a belt mechanism between an upcoming motor (up in the picture) and two wheels (below).


with belt.PNG

The problem I'm facing is that the moment I unsupress the belt, I get this (dialog below), and the ladder mechanism no longer works.


belt error.PNG

This is tedious, since I had thought of playing with the belt a bit to see where and how I could add the rather impressive tensioning (currently not there). However, one of the axes has a degree of freedom, so I don't understand why the dynamics of the model are completely lost.


Any ideas what I should be doing differently?


This is similar to . In there the trick was to click "driving" for the belt. I have it clicked.