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Zero length line as an option?

Question asked by David Lewis on Feb 17, 2018
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I am designing a fixture for holding an object to be presented to a technician a certain way. I started with three sketches in the assembly, each sketch containing a single construction line with a value for X, Y & Z offsets from the origin of the object. The termination point of each line has a plane coincident to that point and parallel to whatever plane is perpendicular to the line.


I have since decided that the X offset should be zero, at least for now, but I cannot sketch a zero length line. I could make the X axis coincident to the Right Plane, but for continuity I would prefer to maintain the relationship to the point in the X offset sketch.



I guess it's easy enough to change the plane's second reference, but this feels like the wrong way to go. How would you have done this differently?